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Baby, this is so money! —

For anyone who has seen ‘Swingers’ and ‘Sling Blade’, the YouTube video, ‘Swing Blade’ will be so money. Those that haven’t will just scratch their heads. It’s a one-joke deal but me? I spluttered tea and toast hooting over this breakfast-time find. Technorati Tags: YouTube, Swingers, Switch Blade

Nail Parlour Games —

In the course of my job, I recently had cause to visit a nail parlour. I only mention this because Dave blogged a similar establishment in the UK on funkypancake. As I have related in a comment on Dave’s site, I was co-ordinating an investigation of the unexplained increase in water usage. The engineers and […]

Lost your keys, guys? —

As a former bit part actor, I have the utmost sympathy for those for whom an on-the-job mistake mean public humiliation, albeit temporary. However, I’ll not deny that I enjoy the guilty delights that Schadenfreude offers. Russell Davies recently pointed out an excellent post on the blog of Alex Ross, the music critic of the […]


Geo. Washington saluting the bravery of Sean Bonner An American acquaintance of mine, Sean Bonner, appears to be taking a great deal for taking a brave stand. Sean, a media commentator and art wrangler of no small regard, has been trying to bring the long-raging ‘The Long Horse Debate‘ and subsequent concerns around equine provenance […]