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Pre-Christmas catch-up —

The stomach virus that has been doing the rounds recently has finally struck Wendy and I but thankfully not the kids.  With us both confined to bed and couch respectively, I thought I’d do a brief catch-up on what’s been going on in the last month or so. The local wild turkeys tempted fate by […]

Feathered friends —

I have had a day of positive avian influence. This morning, I woke to the alarm and, having switched it off, lay back to listen to the tuis out-sqwauking the other early birds in the trees along our little road.  They seemed to be a happy bunch and very much enjoying life and this made […]

A Tail of Two Mice and a Rat —

Thanks to an understanding boss and CEO, I have had the blessing of being able to work from home this week so that I can get a few personal matters sorted while still covering my work.  However, a day working at home can throw up things that are unlikely to happen in corporate life – like […]

Catch up —

Life has been busy since my last post and I have had a fair amount to occupy my time. Consequently, blogging has taken second place to real life but, in the fashion of my good chum David, here’s a quick visual catch up. Home made Cornish Pasties SWMBO is a great if somewhat reluctant cook […]

Lunch with cicadas —

Today’s LDL cholesterol-avoidance lunch Following the sad and untimely death of an employee last year, my employer has recently taken a number of steps to support employees more in terms of lifestyle, health care and insurance provision. The onsite caterers provide a good variety of meal choices (though they still cater for those Kiwis who […]

Clearing the first hurdle —

Unforeseen issues and last minute hold ups notwithstanding, come the 5th of December, I will be taking on a newly-created operations and strategy role with a regional utility company in based Auckland. It is a smaller company than my last but the role manages and oversees three departments: the call centre, the dispute and complaints […]

Frequent flying —

A while back, one of our brood managed to lose a large set of keys to our house and car. This must have, in some way, been working on the subconscious of my beloved earlier this morning because, in the depth of the night and half asleep herself, SWMBO shook me violently and, in a […]

Learning curves —

Standing at the dining room window, watching our two middle kids walk away from the house and off to school, it stuck me how adaptable and trusting all four offspring have been. Whilst one might reasonably expect a child to trust their parents, I am still impressed by how readily ours accepted and absorbed the […]

Must try harder —

Today, I have tanked, ploughed, crashed and burned. As the weeks pass and the interview count increases, it was only a matter of time before I turned in an interview performance that was less than sparkling and today was that day. This morning, after an solid hour of wide ranging questions from a formal interview […]

Turbulence —

“Oh…Dear…Lord…” My neighbour, whose fingers were clamped deeply and firmly into the headrest in front of him, was clearly not enjoying the flight and spent a good deal of it in the ‘brace’ position recommended on the card in the pocket in front of him. To be fair, a small propeller-driven commuter aircraft flying up […]