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The Haves and Have Nots —

* Average taken from figures from 2008-2009 to 2010-2011 financial years. Source  ** Child Poverty Action Group’s estimate of annual cost to provide breakfasts for the poorest 30% of primary and intermediate schools ($18.9 million)  Source  Wandering through my Twitter feed, I came across Scott Yorke’s tweet about his latest post at Imperator Fish which contains the chart above. […]

Chinese Roulette —

Contrary to what it might seem, this is not a photo of conditions on either of the listing ships making the news recently. Rather, it is a picture of my good friend and fellow blogger Dave Funkypancake during one of our regular lunches, during which we catch up on family news and plan great things. […]

Escalope à la diable —

After an afternoon at the beach, we wanted a quick and easy supper.  While the rest of the family opted for chicken fajitas from a packet mix, I converted a great recipe for Blackened Redfish, from my twenty year old copy of Cajun Cooking by Marjie Lambert, to come up with ‘Escalope à la Diable’.  It turned […]

Bread and cook books —

Maisie and I have been busy this morning making a couple of common or garden white loaves of bread, following a recipe from The Complete Cook, one of two very well-used Hamlyn cook books on our kitchen bookshelf. It is a fine family cook book and encyclopedia that contains information on ingredients, tools & equipment, basic techniques as well […]

Itchy feet or a nudge? —

I had an interesting day with SWMBO today starting with an offhand discussion that started with us talking about moving our shed so we could paint the house.  This led to a discussion about whether or not to pursue the idea of buying a sleep-out to accommodate our growing band of teenagers. Before we knew […]

Getting To Simple —

Isn’t it funny how our self-reliance and self-centredness so easily convinces us that we’re the only one that feels a particular way when all along there are many, including those close to us, who feel the same or share the same concerns? Having been enlightened by Tony and Felicity Dale’s Simply Church, I have spent a week or […]

Catch up —

Life has been busy since my last post and I have had a fair amount to occupy my time. Consequently, blogging has taken second place to real life but, in the fashion of my good chum David, here’s a quick visual catch up. Home made Cornish Pasties SWMBO is a great if somewhat reluctant cook […]

iCake™ —

Another year on the planet, another cake but there’s a twist this year. In previous years, She Who Must Be Obeyed has been the architect and builder of many a fine birthday cake for each member of the family.  However, this year, my birthday cake was created and decorated by my eight year old daughter. […]

Waffles! —

“This is gonna be fun! We can stay up late, swapping manly stories, and in the morning… I’m making waffles!” – Eddie Murphy as Donkey in ‘Shrek’ My lovely wife gave me a surprise gift a while back – a waffle iron.  She managed to pick one up with some points on a store loyalty […]