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Pulling things to pieces —

Arriving home last Sunday and keen to make the most of the early summer sun, I whipped up a ‘whatever is left in the fridge’ salad and headed for the deck.   Munching away, I was keen to read Frederick J. Tritton’s The Discipline Of Prayer (Pendle Hill Pamphlet No.42) but couldn’t get past this passage […]

Stand up, pick up your mat, and go home! —

Callum & Fiona McKinlay, OMF missionaries who have recently returned from Taiwan, spoke at our church yesterday.  Having spent years reaching out to blue collar Mandarin speakers more used to the oral tradition than reading scripture, Callum demonstrated the storytelling methods he uses to share his faith.  He told the story of Jesus healing the paralysed man […]

While driving —

My prayers – and the ways in which I pray – are many and varied but increasingly I feel drawn to the ‘expectant silence’ of Quaker prayer I grew up with.  Driving to work today after the excitement and drama of the long weekend, I was trying to still my mind and ‘wait upon the […]

Rob Bell’s Love Wins —

A mini-review of Rob Bell’s Love Wins, in the style of Rob Bell’s Love Wins. Yesterday, I bought and read ‘Love Wins’. Beneath the hype and the critics’ judgement, I found intriguing thought, reasoned argument and provocative questions. Challenging? Certainly. Illuminating? For some. Important? Maybe. While Bell is no Luther, Wycliffe or Zwingli, he’s no heretic either.

Anniversary —

Today, She Who Must Be Obeyed (aka my beautiful wife) and I celebrated 21 years of marriage.  We did so at Lombardis Cafe with a magnificent breakfast that, like our marriage, I initially found daunting, occasionally challenging but ultimately proved to be a wonderfully warm, satisfying & enriching experience. I love my wife.  

Time to tell a better story: an afterword —

We live in an age where our tweets about grocery shopping, ill-considered blog posts and half-hearted ‘likes’ of mildly amusing Facebook posts threaten to trivialise and reduce our lives like nothing before.  Yet, amongst all the noise we create with our self-importance and desire to be liked, we still hear snatches of a clearer signal […]

Time to tell a better story? —

To the disqualified driver of the uninsured, street modified Honda who drove into the back of my car after tailgating me on yesterday morning’s commute into town. I am trying to think well of you though your actions, behaviour and manipulations left me sad, annoyed and inconvenienced. I wish you no harm and my hope is that […]

Jack & Grace —

“The leaves of our blessed lives fall to the ground and if we’re wise … we gather them in a pile and keep them safe lest the winds of forgetfulness blow them away.” — Philip Gulley Jack’s one of a kind, many times over. Ever since our days together at East 15 Acting School, I have known […]

Martin Luther King Jr. Day —

Today, the 17th of January, is Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  The following presentation, posted by Matt Peyton at The Bluevine Collective ponders the ongoing legacy of King’s Letter From Birmingham Jail through words and video. The Bluevine Collective is new to me but I have enjoyed what I have read there recently.