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Sacred Cows and The Calf Path —

Depending on which account you read, Mark Twain or a Commissioner of Education for the State of New York or Abbie Hoffman once said that sacred cows make the best hamburger. While a pithy soundbite like this is full of fun and easy to recall, it doesn’t have half the charm and depth of ‘The Calf […]

Henhouse and heritage —

Although I’m on leave this week, there is a lot that needs doing around the place. Guilt and the stern gaze of SWMBO has so far prevented me from just loafing on the couch with a book and I have been gainfully employed each day working through the ‘Honey, do!’ list. As mentioned last week, […]

The Feds are in town! —

A day of variety.  Awoke to learn that we seem to have some naughty neighbours.  After a quick tea, hooked up and checked over our trailer before taking it to the vehicle inspection station for its periodic WOF. Took a bunch of stuff to read as the queue is always a long one on Saturdays.  Upon […]

The unplanned planner —

On occasion, like when I’m on holiday like now, I leave things until the last minute and, just sometimes, it actually works in your favour. A few years back, I had a great page-a-day daily planner that had daily Scripture verses, devotional thoughts and a whole bunch more stuff (even a reading plan) bound up […]

Pulling things to pieces —

Arriving home last Sunday and keen to make the most of the early summer sun, I whipped up a ‘whatever is left in the fridge’ salad and headed for the deck.   Munching away, I was keen to read Frederick J. Tritton’s The Discipline Of Prayer (Pendle Hill Pamphlet No.42) but couldn’t get past this passage […]

Rob Bell’s Love Wins —

A mini-review of Rob Bell’s Love Wins, in the style of Rob Bell’s Love Wins. Yesterday, I bought and read ‘Love Wins’. Beneath the hype and the critics’ judgement, I found intriguing thought, reasoned argument and provocative questions. Challenging? Certainly. Illuminating? For some. Important? Maybe. While Bell is no Luther, Wycliffe or Zwingli, he’s no heretic either.

Escalope à la diable —

After an afternoon at the beach, we wanted a quick and easy supper.  While the rest of the family opted for chicken fajitas from a packet mix, I converted a great recipe for Blackened Redfish, from my twenty year old copy of Cajun Cooking by Marjie Lambert, to come up with ‘Escalope à la Diable’.  It turned […]