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Thank you, James Brown —

In the grand scheme of things, it’s infinitesimal but thinking of James Brown will always make me smile and remind me of sleepless nights.  My eldest was unwell as an infant.  She spent her early weeks in SCBU, was consistently underweight due to rarely keeping a feed down and spent most nights in a fractious […]

Lost your keys, guys? —

As a former bit part actor, I have the utmost sympathy for those for whom an on-the-job mistake mean public humiliation, albeit temporary. However, I’ll not deny that I enjoy the guilty delights that Schadenfreude offers. Russell Davies recently pointed out an excellent post on the blog of Alex Ross, the music critic of the […]

Snow Patrol to play our backyard —

In what will be their debut New Zealand gig, indie-darlings turned mainstream stadium-fillers Snow Patrol, surfing the success of their Eyes Open album down under, will play Auckland in February next year. Tickets went on sale here in NZ earlier today and, given their rapid sell outs in Oz, I scooped a pair up before […]

Taped —

Despite the present day whirl of digital downloads, MP3s, iPods and streaming, I still have great memories of late night session making and mixing my own tapes, treasuring those that have survived twenty years or more of play. Hours spent agonising over track orders, perfecting fade outs, carefully inking one-off cassette covers and scrawling extensive […]