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Soul Surfer : Bethany Hamilton —

Spent a lovely evening watching Soul Surfer with my three eldest girls last night.  The film recounts the true story of a competitive teen surfer Bethany Hamilton from the North Shore of Kauai, Hawaii.  Bethany lost her arm in a shark attack in 2003 and the film recounts her life before, during and after the attack. Her […]

Time to tell a better story? —

To the disqualified driver of the uninsured, street modified Honda who drove into the back of my car after tailgating me on yesterday morning’s commute into town. I am trying to think well of you though your actions, behaviour and manipulations left me sad, annoyed and inconvenienced. I wish you no harm and my hope is that […]

Escalope à la diable —

After an afternoon at the beach, we wanted a quick and easy supper.  While the rest of the family opted for chicken fajitas from a packet mix, I converted a great recipe for Blackened Redfish, from my twenty year old copy of Cajun Cooking by Marjie Lambert, to come up with ‘Escalope à la Diable’.  It turned […]

R.I.P. GeoCities —

I discovered that Yahoo’s GeoCities is being shut down today – and with it a few of my fledgling attempts at blogs.  I clicked over there to find that only the index page of my first serious attempt remains, with broken links to my hand drawn graphics and 404 pages for the rest. Back in […]

Planets in my house —

After making a pair of tin can telephones and fooling around with them for a while, my youngest daughter were looking for other ways to spend time having fun together. One of the photographs we took through the hole in one of the cans looked a little like a planet in space and Mum suggest […]

NZ 4th best place in world to live —

NZ is the fourth-best place in world to live according to the The International Living travel website.  This sounded great until I read that the first three are a strange mix of France, the Netherlands and Australia.  Closer inspection shows the site to be seemingly geared towards the U.S. expat executive market. [The pointed comments […]

An early Christmas present —

One of the unexpected aspects of buying books from second hand booksellers on the web is that they often take ages to arrive.  This was the case with the book above which appeared in our mailbox this week, all the way from somewhere in the USA.  I bought this as it was recommended by someone […]